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This website has been created in order to improve the tourism in the village of Glojene, Teteven municipality. It has been registered on 9th September 2008. The beautiful natural spots located in this territory reckoned to be some of the most significant for Bulgaria are surprisingly rarely visited. The objectives of this website are to popularize this countryside with it's unique natural wealth, to peek into the interesting history and antiquity of the village and learn something about the unique locality and ecology, but also about the main branches in the local industry, the institutions, etc. I would like to thank to Mrs. Anna Nikolova and Mr. Nikolay Nikolov for paying the taxes around the domein and the hosting plan of this website. Special thanks to Elena-Aurora Kutevska, Silvia Damianova, Maria Koleva and Plamena Koleva who helped me with the translations in Spanish, English and German and of course to all the other friends who assisted me during the working period.


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