There are strong traditions in woodworking, metal-working, electrical engineering and tourism in the vilage of Glojene. For decades many factories have been operative, providing many families with good job opportunities. Some of these factories are “ Arles”, “Glokom -98”, "Energy Motors", and “Buk - Teteven” .



Founded back in 1948 the “Glokom- 98” company has passed through many types of manufacture. Nowadays it produces metal constructions by individual request from the client itself. The company has built a marketing net all over the country. The “Energy Motors” is located right at the edge of Glojene and produces electrical motors but also many kind of perfumes and cosmetics. “Buk - Teteven” produces beams, boards, etc. and works with broad-leaved wood and coniferous wood. The cooperative facility of “Republica” previously was producing confectionery but now is not operational and it's for sale. Read more from this link.





Glojene can also offer places to refresh yourself– e.g. Tavern “Vidrite” located at the very end of the village heading to Teteven, Cafe-bar "ONIN - Mila Georgieva" located at the very beginning of the actual area of Glojene coming from Teteven and also Cafe-bar "Chervenoto" located at the center of the village. Other "worth-a-visit" places are the Holiday complex "Vidrite" near the famous tavern with the same name, Family hotel of "PEP and P" and Guest house "Krushova syanka". For more information click on the links.



phone : 0897-92-88-82


Holiday complex "Vidrite"
phone/fax : 06901-2417
"Glokom-98" phones : 06901-2269 ; 06901-2210/2677
"Buk - Teteven"
"Energy motors " phones : 02-8669116/06901-2477 ; 0885-03-09-77





Ęđóřîâŕ ń˙íęŕ
Guest house "Krushova syanka" phone : 0885-68-53-06