The village of Glojene is located at 42 degrees and 59 minutes northern latitude and 24 degrees and 11 minutes eastern longitude. It is situated in the western part of Lovech region, 56 kilometres away from the city. The population of the village is 1060 people. The distance to the capital Sofia is 105 kilometres. The whole area is an incredibly beautiful combination of the stunning mountain's massif with forests and meadows and of course the wild river Vit. The climate is humid continental with comparatively soft winter and breezy summer.
The distance to the town of Teteven is only 12 kilometers in south - east direction and to the city of Yablanitsa - 12 kilometers in north - west direction. There is only one type of transport - automobile. The centre of the village is at 320 meters above sea level, but the exurb zone of Runovitza is at 400 meters above sea level. It is located in south - west direction. The phone code of the village is 06901 from Bulgaria and 003596901 from foreign countries. The postal code is 5740. The phone number of the city - hall is 2240.