One animal species is specific for the Glojene`s territory - the Salamander (Salamandra maculosa). It usually reaches 15 to 25 cm, rarely 30 cm. and it's black with yellow spots. Glojene`s vegetation varies. Mainly it is consisted of hornbeam, beech, oak, fir-tree, pine-tree and many herbs. The forests surrounding the village are homes to many wild animals - baders, foxes, deer, wild pigs, hedgehogs,rabits, pigeons and many others.The river Vit, with old Thracian name "Artania", flows through Glojene.










The name "Vit" comes from Slavs language. The river is formed by two other smaller rivers - Beli Vit / White Vit and Cherni Vit / Black Vit. Beli Vit, the bigger of those two, rises at the foot of the hill Vejen in Stara Planina. The river is 189 km long with a total capacity of its waters of 3 220 square kilometers. Bulgarian hydrologists poured nine tons of salt into the water on the 16th October 1955. The salty water reached the spring "Glava Panega" on the 28th October. The distance of 6 kilometers was passed in 286 hours. It has also been established, that the river looses 900 liters of its waters per second in the district called "Iamite".